Monday, July 28, 2008

Start of week 5

So we're moving onto our last week of teaching for the summer, and things are getting a little sentimental around here. Granted, anyone who has known me for more than five minutes knows I'm the most sentimental stooge on the planet, so you can imagine how I'm feel after spending five weeks we some of the most amazing and inspiring people I've ever met.

It's hard to believe that Institute is almost over. With only four teaching days to go, we can all sense that the end is near, but we all realize there is still a lot of work to be done. Not only do we have to lesson plan, but we also have to assess our students to make sure they learned the material they need to in order to move on to their respective grades (mine start high school in the fall, they're so grown up!).

I'm looking forward to teaching tomorrow though. We're learning how to edit, which, oddly enough, I find great joy in (yes, I'm a nerd, begin hurling insults now).

Should be fun.

Here's a picture of my CMA group on Mean Girls (pink shirt) Friday. Please note how we are ALL wearing pink.

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